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Services & Fees
Assessment and therapy appointments are available during or after the school day and at weekends. These are generally held in either the child’s home or an educational setting. Other venues may be available at a small additional cost.

Initial Assessment
This can take between one and one and a half hours hour; depending on the child's needs. It involves discussion with the parent/carer to take a case history, and then assessment of the child's speech and language skills. The assessment may be formal or informal. It will involve some playing with the child to relax them and enable a sample of spontaneous speech to be analysed. At the end of the session I will make a diagnosis and discuss the options for intervention.  These include advice, home/school programmes or direct therapy.

The fee includes a written report which will be sent out within two weeks of the initial appointment. It also includes any necessary telephone calls when gathering information from other professionals involved with the child.
  Therapy/Follow-up Appointments
Appointments last either 30 or 45 minutes and will be dependent on the child's age; attention level and therapy targets. Therapy appointments are generally weekly , and the time span and duration will be discussed before they are arranged.
The fee includes a discussion at the end of the session (usually 5-10 minutes); and provision of any homework materials.

Periodically it will be necessary to reassess the child's speech in order to plan therapy goals and assess their progress.

Home/School Programme
A programme can be helpful for some but is not suitable for all children. It is an alternative to attending weekly therapy sessions. An adult who knows the child well will need to work through a programme regularly (several times each week)over a number of weeks. It will be reviewed once the targets have been achieved. A programme includes targets; suggestions for activities and copies of any activity sheets which may be helpful for your child. .....

Norfolk Speech and Language Therapy by Maxine Cohen.
Initial Telephone Consultation FREE

Initial Assessment: £75 (up to 60 minutes), £100 (up to 90 minutes)
(plus travel if applicable)

Therapy appointment: 
£35 for 30 minutes
£45 for 45 minutes
(plus travel if applicable)

Review/Follow-up appointment: £45
(plus travel if applicable)

Home/School Programme following an initial assessment or review

Initial: £20
Update: £10

School visits are charged at £45 (therapy session) or £60 per hour (assessment or meetings)
Plus travel if applicable
  Travel will be charged at 45p per mile after the first 20 miles of the return journey from my home base NR28.

Fees should be paid in full at the end of each appointment-by cheque or cash. This includes costs which may be being covered by insurance; it is the responsibility of the parent to reclaim these.

A 20% cancellation fee may be charged when less than 24 hours cancellation notice is given.

I aim to provide an affordable service and reduced rates may be available in certain circumstances. Please ring me to discuss these.

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