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About Me
I qualified as a speech & language therapist with a Master’s Degree from Reading University in 1994.Since then I have worked as a paediatric therapist in a number of NHS clinics and schools in the UK.  I now work independently and am registered with the following professional bodies and adhere to their codes of conduct. I am DBS checked.

Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT) www.rcslt.org

Association of Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASTLIP)

Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

My Approach to Therapy
I offer a friendly and flexible service for children from the ages of approximately 2-16 years who have delayed or disordered speech and language development. The following difficulties are included:-
Language Delay or Language Disorder -this may be a difficulty either understanding what is said, putting words together in sentences, or using clear speech
Dysfluency (also called stammering pr stuttering)
Listening & Attention – a difficulty concentrating
Memory-a difficulty with remembering or processing information
Developmental Delay/ Moderate Learning difficulties
Mild-Moderate Hearing Impairment
Speech Sound Difficulties - using unclear speech that may be difficult to understand
  My special interest is speech sound difficulties and I have attended a number of post graduate courses in this area. This includes diagnoses of phonological delay and disorder, verbal (or articulatory) dyspraxia and articulation difficulties.
My approach to therapy includes a range of activities designed to improve a child’s ability to communicate. I try to make activities as fun and interesting as possible in order to engage the child.
It is important that follow-up activities also take place at home or at school as this will help the child to make progress.
Every child's learning pace will be different and activities are individually tailored to the child's needs. If, however, it is felt that the child is not benefiting from therapy, or needs a break to consolidate their learning, then this will be discussed.
If you are unsure whether your child would benefit from private therapy-please ring me for a free, no-obligation consultation.
Telephone: 07810251898
Contact me here.

If you would like to learn more about speech & language difficulties in children then go to any of the following websites. Or look at the RALLI videos on Youtube www.youtube.com/rallicampaign RALLI stands for Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairments. They have a number of videos for parents and professionals, which explain how therapy can help a child:-

Member of ASLITP

HCPC Registered

Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists Member